God’s Masterpiece – MOTHER

After much procrastination, when I finally decide to start blogging, my first post definitely has to be about the one who created me. Without her, there’d be no Me. So this post goes out to my Amazing Mother. I composed this in 2009 and 7 years later, it finds its place as the first post on my blog.


A mesmerizing dawn after a gloomy night,

She is words of solace after a silly fight

A ray of optimism in my downbeat life,

Indeed she is my dad’s incredibly beautiful wife. 🙂

She taught me to love and taught me to care,

With her, there is nothing that I cannot share.

Her care is as dazzling as the rising sun,

She is as strict a person as much as she is fun.

Her heart would agonize in my disease,

She would pray to the lord endlessly for my peace.

She would stay awake just to watch me sleep,

Sweet memories she gave that I’d always keep.

Though we have our clashes,

Sometimes I guess it is fine.

Everyone wants to have her,

And I’m so glad that she is MINE

Eternally and everlastingly

My love for her shall be,

Today I just wish to tell her…

Sweetheart, you mean more than life itself to me.